Leading Saints LIVE
with Louie Hamner

Join us for this live event in Salt Lake City

June 5, 2021 
8:00 am - 12:00 PM
at the SLCC Miller Campus
9750 S 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070

(Or Watch the Live Stream Online from Anywhere in the World)

Remember Louie Hamner's interview on the Leading Saints podcast?

Louie Hamners ability to help talk through the principles of leading through empathy were so inspiring and his Leading Saints podcast interview (click here to listen) has been shared hundreds of times with leaders across the world. 

In an effort to create a more interactive experience learning from Louie and doing a deeper dive on the principles discussed in his interview, we invite you to attend (or view online) a long form presentation by Louie Hamner. Watch this short video where Louie explains the impact his interview had on one bishop and he also explains the main points he will discuss at this upcoming presentation. 

Watch a Preview of This Event

Join us at this event as we learn...

  • How to make a connection with someone you lead on a deeper, more sincere level
  • ​How to motivate those you lead by establishing a personal connection
  • How to get people's permission to influence them
  • Helping individuals find personal confidence to seek out revelation and take action in their life 
  • How to help individuals have confidence in you as a leader and not feel like you are judging them
What You Will Learn At This Event:

How our mindsets shape the type and quality of the revelations we receive

As leaders, we all strive to prepare for revelatory experiences by praying, inviting the Spirit, and creating safety in our council meetings. However, if we don’t consider what mindset we are approaching the meeting with, inspiration will be more difficult to receive. We need to be Sister Grow rather than Brother Fix.

Deeper awareness of who you are and your leadership style

You might think you are self-aware of your leadership style, but have you ever wondered why those you lead never really understand where you are coming from? Or how can you tell if people enjoy following you as the leader or if they are simply trying to comply and be obedient?

How to become more emotionally intelligent to better love and serve others

Emotional intelligence is an ability that some leaders have and others need to work on. Being connected to the emotional signals in your leadership role is crucial to motivating others and helping them engage in the organization. In order to do this, we must start with mindsets.


Louie Hamner has served with bishoprics as a ward clerk, finance clerk, and executive secretary, as a bishop and a bishop’s counselor, as a Young Men president, and in the elders quorum. He grew up in a farming community in Mount Auburn, Indiana, and graduated from Utah Valley University in Accounting. Today he owns Vanguard Title Insurance Agency, one of the largest title companies in Utah, and Acclaimed Title in Texas. Louie and his wife Vivian have three children.